Translation and Funding LinkedIn

How and why LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for establishing research collaborations with industry partners.

On the surface, it might not seem like a company such as the Royal District Nursing Service or what are now known as Bolton Clark might have much in common with say a mining company. You know mining company, digs minerals out of the ground, and rural district nursing service back then they looked after particularly older people but certainly people that needed care in their home in place. But what we found was using LinkedIn were able to establish links between the two, and those links weren't actually that counter-intuitive. They weren't that left-field. So there was a researcher at a rural district nursing service, who is focused on providing care, and care at a distance, and certainly if you're a mining company, and you're sending people it deep into mines perhaps with autonomous vehicles. 
The idea of providing care, and care at a distance is top of mind. Even more so when you're thinking about a fly-in fly-out or a FIFO service now which mining company is often operate, care at a distance is of vital importance. So when you think about what you're going to put on LinkedIn, and you think about what collaborators you might be looking for or the kinds of opportunities you might be looking for, don't discount someone or something because you think to yourself that there isn't relevance. I've been up to the opportunity have a discussion, and who knows you might find something new that is very obvious to those outside your circle.