Thinking about Writing Your CV

What kind of CV do you have? Is it one for industry? One for academia? Do you have many?

So, if you were doing a CV writing course, what would you include? I've had a bit of a discussion with some early career researchers and representatives of early career researchers, and what they've talked about a lot is that they want to know the different kinds or types of CV's that are out there.

I guess coming from an academic background, they certainly see the academic CV that they might apply for an academic job, and there's the CV that you might include in a grant or in an application for funding. Then there's the CV that you might use if you're applying for a job in industry. But I guess my view on all of those things is they're ultimately going to be read by a person or an individual. Not always but often they will be. The question is what is it that you want to convey in your CV to those people, and how long should it take to convey that message? In academia we've got into this habit of including all of our grants, all of our publications with no real indication of the significance of any of it. Maybe there's a dollar amount in there. Maybe there isn't. Maybe you've got impact factors. Maybe you've got your H index number, but all of those things I guess somewhat meaningless to a naive reader. So, I guess my question to you is when you're thinking about writing your CV? What's it for and what are you trying to convey? And can you convey it in less time and in less space?

Good luck.