Writing Grants – Nov 2021

Grants and grant writing is boring. I get it. So, we’re all looking for a way to make it better. More fun. Easier to get funded. I’m not sure I have any magic answers. But I do know we’ll cover some of the things that help make grant writing less difficult. That help turn a […]

Choosing a Social Media Channel

Choosing a (new) social media channel? Here are 5 steps to help make a start: Know your preferences. Understand your goal. Know your audience. Filter. Start! Transcript: Hi there, bakers, writers, and rock stars. This week on the world we’re looking at choosing a social media channel. So, you already might be on social media […]

Mistakes People Make Writing Their Thesis

There are all kinds of ways to write a thesis. And thus, there are all kinds of mistakes you can make in the process. Here are some that I have seen: Starting too early Starting too late Not involving your supervisor Poor backups Delayed referencing Not using a reference manager Not knowing your word processor […]

Writing a Better Thesis, Dissertation or Journal Article

Getting better at writing is one of the best ways to increase your research output. Yet, we spend very little time learning or practicing writing. So here are 5 tips to improve your writing: Read the style of writing you want to write. Write assuming people will skim and skip sections. Use subheadings. Don’t write […]

A Better Way to Read Journal Articles

Getting better at reading is one of the best ways to increase your research output. Yet, we spend very little time learning or practicing reading or recalling what we’ve read. So here are 5 tips to improve your reading and recall: Take notes as you read, not only when you write. Use a citation manager. […]

LinkedIn for Researchers (May 2021)

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media channels. Yet, depending on who or what you listen to it has yet to reach the “maturity” of channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What do I mean by maturity? Well, many would say that LinkedIn has strong organic reach when compared to those three. That […]

Eleven Things I’ve learned About Running Writing Groups

In September last year, I started some new writing groups. Even though my role is facilitator and training, I have learned a lot about writing itself. Here are 11 ideas that came to mind: Writing is annoying and rewarding. Writing shared is writing halved. Ignore the basics. Set up for success. Share your progress. Imagine […]

Being a More Creative Grant Proposal or Social Media Writer

If you’ve ever tried writing a grant, proposal, cover letter, social media or podcast you’ll have likely encountered difficulties being creative. One approach to overcoming this is to use oblique strategies. Transcript: One of the things about grant, and proposal or thesis writing is sometimes, we need to get more creative. Not to necessarily make stuff up but […]

Six Things You Might Not Know About Applying for Jobs

Six things that you might not know about applying for a job: Selection bias is real – male names are better than female, common names are better than foreign names. Photos aren’t necessary – and introduce more opportunity for discrimination. Age is not needed either – more opportunity for discrimination. Dates – especially for education […]