Writing an annual report

Description Annual reports are a useful tool for engaging with your funder – especially if they request such a report. Annual reports are also a useful way of communicating what you’ve done over the last year. Particularly to those outside research. Then again, it can also be a massive brag book of publications and grants […]

Writing a journal article

Description Writing a journal article could be considered a “dark art” of academia. Something everyone must learn, in order to be successful, But also something that no one really teaches you. You’re thrown in the deep end. Or not at all.. Hopefully, I can address some of that in this half-day training. We’ll follow the […]

Grant writing

Writing is THE skill for researchers. And, grant writing is a sub-skill that also needs to be developed and maintained. However, there is more to successful grant writing than being a good writer. And, in some cases, having a peer group you can work with will be more important to success, than any individuals’ grants-person-ship. […]

Writing your thesis

Description No two PhD thesis’ are the same. But, there are things you can learn from those before you about what to write and how to write. In this half-day training, we’ll look at your thesis, and cover ways you could make it better or get it written faster, or both. What to expect 4 […]

Writing a journal article

This Tuesday Talk I’ll kind of do a mini-review and run through of the Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks program and book. I’ll cover off each chapter. What I think the main focus should be, for you, as a writer. I’ll also talk about what’s required to get an article written. All Tuesday […]

Writing your journal article in 12 weeks (Term 2, Week 1)

Description In her book, Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Wendy Belcher takes readers through a process that can have your article done and submitted in 12 weeks. I’ve run people through the book, writing an article, in 12 weeks as well as 15. I’ve found 15 works best. It allows for slippage. To […]

Editing your own thesis

Description One of the things you will quickly learn when it comes to thesis writing – being able to self edit is HUGELY beneficial. But not everyone can do it. Until now. Firstly, I should say the writing process has two parts. First, getting content onto the page. Second, molding that content into something that […]

Using MS Word

Description If you’ve never had formal MS Word training, this workshop would be a good place to start. I can say from experience running these workshops regularly, that even the most “power” user does not know some of the useful stuff shared in these workshops. So, if you want to reduce the time it takes […]

Writing your thesis

In this Tuesday Talk I’ll cover 15 (maybe more) things to focus on as you write your thesis. From planing, to word processing, to self-care, to editing, writing, reviewing and submitting. If you’re keen to get your thesis written, come along. As usual, it is FREE, but registration is essential.

Writing a literature review

Description With the rise of the “thesis by publication” there has also been a rise in the number of students writing literature reviews as their first chapter. And, if you have not already done a web search, you’ll soon find out there are many ways to skin that cat. In this workshop I’ll cover a […]