Career Planning Strategies

So much of our lives are planned. School. University. Further study. Marriage. Birth. Heck, even death and funerals are planned. But how many of you plan your career? How many of you have an idea of what you want to be in your career in 5 or 10 years? In this FREE on-line workshop I’ll […]

Leaving Academia – Aug 2021

The famous line from the song Hotel California “You can check out but you can never leave” applies to so many things. Academia is one of them. Leaving seems so hard for so many reasons. You’ve invested lots of time, effort and money. You’re passionate about research and the work you do. You love the […]

Making the most of your conference presentation – Aug 2021

Although COVID changed the way we conference, presenting at an in-person, virtual or mixed conference is still one of the best ways to grow your research skills. It is also one of the best ways to grow your network. And with so much of what we do reliant on networks, it is important to make […]

Launching your post PhD career

PhDs are a lot like weddings. We spend forever worrying about this one event, but the real challenge is the lifetime that comes afterwards. So, if you’re interested in planning for what happens after you graduate your PhD come along to this on-line workshop. I’ll talk about career planning and job search strategies. There’ll also […]

Social Media for Researchers – 1/2 day workshop

From 1pm to 5pm (Aus, Melb time) we’ll get hands on with you and your social media. Together, we will: – Create an account on your channel of choice – Like content created by others – Create new content – Schedule posts with your new content – Engage with others (growing followers and connections) – […]

Instagram for Researchers – Jul 2021

Instagram is the perfect tool for people who produce good looking images. And, if you ask me, researchers (academics) produce heaps of images. Images in the form of figures for papers and presentations. And these images could also be used on Instagram. If that’s something you’d like to know more about. Or perhaps you want […]

Facebook for Researchers – Jun 2021

Facebook is the most used social media platform on the planet. Yet, many researchers have avoided using it for academic purposes. Is that you? Do you avoid using Facebook – “It’s my personal stuff” – I hear you say. Well, in this FREE workshop I’ll look at why you might want to start using Facebook […]

Twitter for Researchers (Jun 2021)

The un-official social media channel of choice for academics is twitter. So, as a PhD student or ECR, if you’re not here you might not be noticed by your peers. Especially if you have yet to publish a peer review piece of research. Especially if you have not been able to attend in-person networking events […]

Ask me Anything about LinkedIn – with Dr Richard Huysmans – 2 Jun

This week’s AMA is LinkedIn. Come and and we’ll just chat. Ask a question. Try to answer it. What have people asked (and had answered)?: Should I be on LinkedIn What should my profile look like? How do I get followers? Should I accept connection requests from “randoms”?   As all ways, attendance is FREE […]