Job Hunting post COVID

Need a #JobHunting Buddy! — There are many #Writing groups like “Shut up and Write” which helps getting everyone on a routine of writing tasks. What about having one or two #buddies to stay connected and motivated in this #jobhunting process as a fresh graduate? Ideas of mutually beneficial buddies. ✅ Be a fresh #graduate […]

Using Social Media to Translate Your Research

If you’re not on social media, you are not translating your research – it is as simple as that. But, being on social media doesn’t mean you are translating your research. There are so many scenarios and alternatives within each option it can be paralysing to even make a start!

Are You Maximising Your LinkedIn Presence for Research Translation?

You may have seen we’ve been working with researchers to build their LinkedIn profiles. All with the aim of increasing their chances of having their research activities picked up and translated into practice by new or novel collaborators. In many cases we’re working within existing organisational social media and other online frameworks. We often get […]