Using MS Word to write your thesis

So often I hear “what program should I use to write my thesis?” And, like photographers say the best camera is the one you have with you, the best program to write your thesis with is the one you have. Most people have MS Word. Yet, many overlook it for other programs (e.g. scrivener). Or […]

Writing Your Thesis in 15 Weeks (or less)

Although most people will recommend that you write your thesis as you go. Although most people will discourage you from leaving writing until the end. The reality is, most people leave the majority of their writing to the end of their PhD. So, in this FREE on-line workshop, we’ll talk about and make a plan […]

Ask me anything – with Dr Richard Huysmans – 7 Apr

Every fortnight I host a free workshop on topics that PhD students, ECRs and academics might find useful. In the alternate weeks, I do this – an ask me anything event. Sometimes there’ll be a guest. Other times just me. And we’ll just chat. Ask a question. Try to answer it. As all ways, attendance […]

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

If you want to be a successful academic, you’ll need to publish regularly. If you’re yet to write an article, or if you get anxious thinking about writing, then maybe give this a try. In this FREE on-line workshop we’ll go through the book, what is covered and how you can make a plan to […]

STEM Careers in Industry

STEM Careers in Industry provides an opportunity for you to engage with senior-level STEM professionals in industry. You will learn about the different career journeys and key decisions they made along the way and how they applied their STEM expertise and skills for a successful industry career. Special guest speakers, Dr Sue Barrell FTSE, Kaylene […]

How to Find Industry Partners

Industry partners are an essential part of academic research in the 21st century. If the moniker was “publish or perish” it is now “partner AND publish or perish”. But, where do you find these partners? Who are they? What if your research seems to not lend itself to industry partners? In this FREE on-line workshop […]

Positioning Yourself as An Expert

Without doubt, academic researchers are experts in their field. But, in so many cases non-academics are selected as experts. Experts when it comes to talking to the media. Experts when it comes to acting on panels. Experts when it comes to consulting. So, if you’re interested in being positioned as an expert – how do […]

The Changing Nature of Academic Research

Academic research is still, fundamentally, about publishing good research and getting grants to fund good research. However, “publishing” is now a very broad term. And “grants” can come from almost anywhere. In this FREE on-line workshop, we’ll take a look at how research is changing and how that means you, the academic researcher, might need […]

Becoming a Successful Researcher

Wanting to and being a successful academic researcher are two different things. In this FREE on-line workshop we’ll take a look at what academic success looks like and what you’ll need to do to get there. This is a FREE event, but registration is essential.

Why become a researcher?

If you’re doing a PhD you may well be thinking you’d like to become an academic researcher. But that is not the only option available to you. In this FREE introspective on-line workshop, we’ll look at the five main reasons why people become academic researchers. We’ll also consider if academic research is the only way […]