Twenty-Four Reasons to Do a PhD

1. Avoid looking for work – Looking for work is a long process. Especially when you are first joining the workforce. Building your CV is hard. It has to be a short document, but you’re struggling to think of what to include and what to take out. Regardless your CV feels inadequate. So, you complete […]

How to Identify Transferable Skills

When looking to change industries or careers, it can be hard to know what skills you have that other industries are interested in. That can make choosing a new sector, industry or job difficult. Identifying transferable skills is difficult. We can often see them in other people, but rarely in ourselves. Here are different approaches […]

Getting The Most Out of Your PhD Training

The predominant method for delivering training within a PhD is through apprenticeship-style approaches. Essentially students are asked to “see-one-do-one”. In an environment where learners are immersed in the culture for large periods of time (40 hours per week for more than three years), apprenticeship-style works very well. Indeed, errors are often seen early and corrected.