YouTube for Researchers

Should researchers be on YouTube? Well, if you believe that the future of content is video then the answer must be yes! YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. Second only to Google search. Facebook is 3rd. Thus, if you want to influence on social media, you should at least be thinking […]

Facebook for Researchers

For whatever reasons, I feel like researchers have steered away from Facebook as a research-communication medium. I’m not sure why. Maybe timing? Or how it grew? Regardless, I think it has HEAPS to offer. In fact, if you are thinking of promoting your research on a social media platform, Facebook should be at the top […]

Instagram for Researchers

If you’re thinking of setting up an Instagram account and what to use it to communicate your research this FREE on-line workshop is for you. I’ll present current usage stats for the platform, the kinds of people using it, what they use it for and when. It’ll be all you need to know to start […]

LinkedIn for Researchers

LinkedIn is essential for research success in the 21st century. Why? I’ll tell you in this FREE on-line workshop. As well as go through the three different ways researchers should be using LinkedIn – positioning, promotion, partnerships. This is a FREE event, but registration is essential.

Choosing a Social Media Channel

So someone said to you “you should be on LinkedIn”. And now that’s all you can think about. Or, all of your academic friends are on Twitter. Or perhaps you are wondering what TikTok is all about. Well, in this FREE on-line workshop I’ll go through the various social media channels available to researchers and […]

An Introduction to University Ranking Schemes

University ranking schemes are like stars – there are lots around, but we really only pay attention to the ones that are the brightest. And like stars, there are small number of ranking schemes that have a disproportionally large impact on our lives. For example – did you know some governments base funding decisions on […]