Building your own website

Description When I first started out on my own, there was no question in my mind that I’d have a website. It is AMAZING how far things have come since then. It’s moved from all pages coded, to the vast majority point and click. Identical, in many ways, to word processing, spread sheeting or creating […]

Blogging for researchers

Description There are two things you need to be good at, to be successful at research – writing and writing. One of the best ways to improve your skill at anything is practice. And, blogging is practice for writing. Writing grants. Writing proposals. Writing articles. Research communication. The lot. If you’re thinking about blogging, and […]

Facebook for researchers – 2022

Description For the last few years (maybe even 5 years) Facebook has been the number 1 social media channel. The most number of users. The longest sessions. The most number of sessions. Depending on country, penetration is as much as 97% of the adult population! So, when you say “researchers aren’t on Facebook”, I’d say […]

Instagram for researchers – 2022

Description Most researchers, most of the time, have nice images that can share. And thus, using Instagram to share research outcomes seems a natural fit to me. But, for whatever reason academics don’t have the same thought process as me. Do you? Are you interested in Instagram? Are you a researcher? Do you want to […]

Social media strategy

You wouldn’t write a grant without a plan to use the money. You wouldn’t propose a research question without knowing how to answer it. So, why do social media without knowing your goals? In this FREE Tuesday Talk, I’ll go over a simple approach to creating a social media strategy that’ll help you get more […]

Twitter for researchers – 2022

Description Academics (and journalists I’d have to say) love twitter. So, if you’re thinking about “dabbling” in social media as an academic, then start with twitter. Of course, if you’re already there (as in, have an account), but finding the going tough, attend this workshop for some tips to get things happening again. We’ll cover […]

Linkedin for researchers – 2022

Description IMHO LinkedIn is the most powerful and free tool for growing industry connections, and translating research into practice. Although many researcher say they have a knowledge translation goal – few walk the talk. In this workshop, I’ll work with you to improve your LinkedIn game. Whether it is a profile update. A content strategy. […]

YouTube for researchers – 2022

Description YouTube is the most watch video streaming service in the world. Yet, it is paid (in my view) very little attention. The content is free. You can post what you like (within reason). Anyone can watch and comment (within reason). The content persists forever. There is no “feed” and old videos get resurfaced regularly. […]

Social media mad (Term 2, Week 1)

Description Researchers are increasingly expected to handle their own marketing and promotion. Yet, the best most universities do is tell you to “use social media” or “make a website” or “write a blog”. But, you can do SO much better than that. What to expect 15 Weekly meetings in a group of up to 20 people. Mondays […]

TikTok for researchers

Description I’ve only recently come to share content on TikTok. Although I’ve used TikTok for a long time, it was mostly to to consume content. At times I also shared, but share from TikTok to other channels. In this workshop, I’ll share what I have learned in the short time I have been using the […]