How Will I know If My PhD Topic Is a Good One?

PhD students regularly stress of selecting the “right” topic. But it is not something that you can know when you start. The important thing is to recognise that each change you make to your original idea is likely to increase the time it takes to complete your PhD. Today, I was talking to some people […]

Four Tips to Increase Citations and Industry Uptake of Your Work

Want to increase the citations of your work? Try: 1. Long descriptive titles. 2. Promoting it on social media. 3. Let the authors you cite know about your work. 4. Write multi-author papers. 5. Repeat! Transcript: I work a lot with academics, and I work a lot with academics trying to connect with industry. One […]

Financial Management Accounting for In-kind

Accounting and managing in-kind contributions is one of the hardest things that a research centre manager has to do. There’s no easy solution – but you could try regular updates in meetings. Transcript: Just finished doing the webinar on financial management and budget setting for researchers. One of the questions that came up was “How […]

Six Steps to Building Your Website

Building a website is easy – but there’s lots that might confuse so… In six steps: 1. Choose a domain name (your name is easiest). 2. Register with an all-in-one provider (they’ll register the name, host the website and provide a content management system). 3. Decide on what you will cover/focus on. Just research? Or […]

Social Media in Research and Why LinkedIn is Best

There are lots of social media options available these days. The popular ones being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Academics have tended to use Twitter, but I think LinkedIn is better in many situations. Hi there! Today, I thought I’d take a closer look at a section from the Connect the Docs. The book that […]

Having Tough Conversations with Your Supervisor

No matter how well your PhD progresses, no matter how good a relationship you (think you) have with your supervisor(s), at some point there‚Äôll be a need for a tough conversation. It could be about publication authorship. It could be about experimental design. It could be about grant writing, or thesis submission or leaving academia. […]

Five Streams of Work to Transition into

Sometimes your current role is not exactly what you want to do in life or at the moment. And, in those cases it may seem like there are not many options. But, in reality there are lots. Most don’t require retraining. And most can be trialed via/within your current role. Transcript: I guess as we […]