LinkedIn for Researchers

LinkedIn is essential for research success in the 21st century. Why? I’ll tell you in this FREE on-line workshop. As well as go through the three different ways researchers should be using LinkedIn – positioning, promotion, partnerships. This is a FREE event, but registration is essential.

Using Social Media to Translate Your Research

If you’re not on social media, you are not translating your research – it is as simple as that. But, being on social media doesn’t mean you are translating your research. There are so many scenarios and alternatives within each option it can be paralysing to even make a start!

Thirty-Two Things to Do When You’ve Got Two Weeks Hiatus

If you have not already, you will probably get two weeks hiatus in the coming days. For most, this will be in response to COVID-19. Across the world, organisations, countries, cities, and states are encouraging or enforcing two weeks of isolation as a way to reduce the impact of this virus.