What Does It Take to Become a Researcher?

For most people the beginning of the answer to this question will be “get a PhD”. However, in my experience a PhD is not necessary to become a researcher. Nor is it necessary to become a published researcher1. Of course, if you want a senior academic role, you’ll need a PhD. But if all you […]

Experiences for Beyond Your PhD

As a PhD student you should always be thinking about what next. In this video I cover four things that helped me beyond my PhD. For me they were: (1) the PhD itself. My line of work means I need to have empathy with researchers. My PhD helps me do that. (2) Mentors. From across […]

What Does It Take to Become an Academic Researcher?

I guess the first question to ask and answer is what is an academic researcher? To me an academic researcher – or just an academic – is someone employed at a university who uses specific investigative techniques in order to improve their (and therefore humanity’s) understanding of the world. It is possible to be an […]

Twenty-Four Reasons to Do a PhD

1. Avoid looking for work – Looking for work is a long process. Especially when you are first joining the workforce. Building your CV is hard. It has to be a short document, but you’re struggling to think of what to include and what to take out. Regardless your CV feels inadequate. So, you complete […]

Ten Questions for Your (STEM) Career

Here are some questions I got asked at a recent careers event. It was aimed at those in third year science. They were considering all of their options – further study in science or research, changing tack and joining the workforce. They were a VERY well prepared group. I thought the questions (and my thoughts) […]