Writing Your Thesis in 15 Weeks

A 15-week program aimed at: Setting you up for writing success (think grants and journal articles, not just your thesis) Knowing why you do (or don’t like to write) Doing something about your writing “issues” Progress tracking Content review The intensive will give you: someone to keep you on track a kick up the arse […]

Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks

In her book, Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks, Wendy Belcher takes readers through a process that can have your article done and submitted in 12 weeks. I’ve run people through the book, writing an article, in 12 weeks as well as 15. I’ve found 15 works best. It allows for slippage. To focus […]

Social Media Mad

Researchers are increasingly expected to handle their own marketing and promotion. Yet, the best most universities do is tell you to “use social media” or “make a website” or “write a blog”. But, you can do SO much better than that. What to expect 15 Weekly meetings in a group of up to 20 people. Mondays from […]

Six Things to Do to Be a Better PhD Supervisor

We need better PhD supervisors.1 Yes – students need to take control of their own destiny. Yes – students need to be more aware of their role in the research, and supervisory process. Yes – students should be self-informing about options beyond their PhD. But…

Four Things to Look for in Your First Job

So, you’ve completed your PhD. What next? Do you stay in academia? Do you leave? If you stay do you work as a Post Doc with your supervisor? Or do you try to find another role in a different group, department, school, faculty, university or country?

How to Be a Good PhD Student

Despite my best efforts I have not been able to find much published work on how to be a good PhD student. I’m not talking about the qualities of a PhD student – such as organisation or perseverance. I’m not talking about good PhD programs – such as planning, professional development and good supervisors. I’m […]

Fifty-Four Reasons to Do a PhD

1. Avoid looking for work – Looking for work is a long process. Especially when you are first joining the workforce. Building your CV is hard. It has to be a short document, but you’re struggling to think of what to include and what to take out. Regardless your CV feels inadequate. So, you complete […]