Thesis Q & A

Description In my writing your thesis program, I spend one session looking at thesis structure. But we could spend a week there. So, I’m putting on this workshop. I’m sure lots of you have questions. I’ve got answers. The questions don’t need to be good. Just asked. And, they can cover anything thesis related. Formatting. […]

Writing your thesis

Description No two PhD thesis’ are the same. But, there are things you can learn from those before you about what to write and how to write. In this half-day training, we’ll look at your thesis, and cover ways you could make it better or get it written faster, or both. What to expect 4 […]

Formatting your thesis

Description MS Word is great. Until it isn’t. Then everything goes wrong. Together. Or consecutively. Usually that means figures moved, tables spilling over pages, references dropped. Content missing. In an earlier workshop we spent some time getting better at MS Word. In this workshop, we’ll spend more time, specifically looking at formatting. And how to […]

Editing your own thesis

Description One of the things you will quickly learn when it comes to thesis writing – being able to self edit is HUGELY beneficial. But not everyone can do it. Until now. Firstly, I should say the writing process has two parts. First, getting content onto the page. Second, molding that content into something that […]

Planning your PhD

Description Planning your PhD – many people will say it is a waste. Those people never look at their plans again. Instead, make the plan. Refer to the plan. Change the plan. And, if you’re interested in a slightly different approach to planning (and therefore implementation) come along to this workshop where I’ll describe my […]

Using MS Word

Description If you’ve never had formal MS Word training, this workshop would be a good place to start. I can say from experience running these workshops regularly, that even the most “power” user does not know some of the useful stuff shared in these workshops. So, if you want to reduce the time it takes […]

Nailing annual milestones

Description As a PhD student, your annual appraisals are really nerve racking. And all other students and academics tell you is “don’t stress”. Yeah right! So, this workshop is about helping you put that stressful energy into something useful. Focusing your nervous energy into a better report. presentation or confirmation. Bring your data along, as […]

Writing your thesis in 15 weeks (Term 1, Week 1)

Description A 15-week program aimed at: Setting you up for writing success (think grants and journal articles, not just your thesis) Knowing why you do (or don’t like to write) Doing something about your writing “issues” Progress tracking Content review The intensive will give you: someone to keep you on track a kick up the […]

Should I Do a PhD Thesis by Publication?

The best thesis is a submitted thesis. This by publication could make this faster or slower. Be aware of the pros and cons. If you’d like to know more, comment, DM or shoot me an email. I’ll send you some content. Transcript: Increasingly, students have the opportunity to do their thesis by publication rather than […]