Four Things to Look for in Your First Job

So, you’ve completed your PhD. What next? Do you stay in academia? Do you leave? If you stay do you work as a Post Doc with your supervisor? Or do you try to find another role in a different group, department, school, faculty, university or country?

Things to do when you cannot conduct experiments

Whether it is a global pandemic or broken machinery, there are times when doing experiments might not be possible. In this webinar I’ll go through some of the things you could do when collecting data is not possible. We’ll also hear from you – the participants – about your go to things to do when […]

Five Transferable Skills I Have Now That I Can Use to Develop My Career Beyond My PhD

I just got off a coaching call1where the key outcomes included identifying five transferable skills and then how they can be used to move forward. Followed by identify future industries or employers who might be interested in hiring you based on your PhD experiences and/or research findings.