CV writing for academics

CV writing is not something you need to do every day, not even every year. And some people might be lucky enough that they never need to write a CV. But, if you have to write one it can be tough to know what is in or what is out. Or, if you’re applying for […]

How to Identify Transferable Skills

When looking to change industries or careers, it can be hard to know what skills you have that other industries are interested in. That can make choosing a new sector, industry or job difficult. Identifying transferable skills is difficult. We can often see them in other people, but rarely in ourselves. Here are different approaches […]

What Makes an Awesome PhD Program? – Part 3

I’ve already covered students and supervisors. The final thing necessary for an awesome PhD program is good research projects. The Research For many people this is the first thing they think of when it comes to an awesome PhD Program. Questions like: What does the research involve? What is the research question being asked or answered? […]