Career Planning

Have you ever sat down and planned out your career? You know, listed what you want. When. Then worked out how? If yes – cool – you don’t need to attend. If no, register to attend this FREE Tuesday Talk all about career planning.

Applying for promotion

Description Applying for (academic) promotion is a tedious task. Indeed, I have helped several people get promoted. And, in the end, it was easier to find a job at the next level up than apply for promotion internally… However, there are good reasons to apply. From continuity for yourself, your staff, your family. To familiarity […]

Launching your academic career

Description Want an academic career? Not sure how to make it happen? I mean, you know you need grants and publications… right? But what else? And how? In this workshop, we’ll work on YOUR plan for launching your academic career. We’ll work out what you need to make it happen. The areas you need to […]

Finding a job – 2022

Description Finding a job, looking for work, they are easy to say but hard to do. Sometimes if feels like nothing is going to come through. Hiring managers don’t acknowledge your application. Jobs get re-advertised and you didn’t even get an email back saying you weren’t what they were looking for. The whole process sucks! […]

Improving your productivity

Rather than working more hours, one of the best things you can do to ensure your PhD finishes on time is to improve your productivity. But, knowing how or where or when can be hard. In this FREE Tuesday Talk, I’ll run through some of the things I do to stay productive. I’ll also cover […]

Networking for Career Success

Networking is probably the MOST valuable skill for your career. It will be the one thing that gets you a job, a role, an opportunity – consistently. But what does it even mean ”to network”? And how can I make sure the networking I’m doing is helping my career. As always, attendance is FREE, but […]

Taking Time Off

It can be hard to take time off. But it is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. To make matters worse, our role models – aka supervisors and bosses – can appear like they don’t need, nor take annual leave. EVER! In this workshop, I’ll talk about the value of taking time off, setting […]