Networking for Career Success

Networking is probably the MOST valuable skill for your career. It will be the one thing that gets you a job, a role, an opportunity – consistently. But what does it even mean ”to network”? And how can I make sure the networking I’m doing is helping my career. As always, attendance is FREE, but […]

Taking Time Off

It can be hard to take time off. But it is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. To make matters worse, our role models – aka supervisors and bosses – can appear like they don’t need, nor take annual leave. EVER! In this workshop, I’ll talk about the value of taking time off, setting […]

Career Planning Strategies

So much of our lives are planned. School. University. Further study. Marriage. Birth. Heck, even death and funerals are planned. But how many of you plan your career? How many of you have an idea of what you want to be in your career in 5 or 10 years? In this FREE on-line workshop I’ll […]

Leaving Academia – Aug 2021

The famous line from the song Hotel California “You can check out but you can never leave” applies to so many things. Academia is one of them. Leaving seems so hard for so many reasons. You’ve invested lots of time, effort and money. You’re passionate about research and the work you do. You love the […]

Making the most of your conference presentation – Aug 2021

Although COVID changed the way we conference, presenting at an in-person, virtual or mixed conference is still one of the best ways to grow your research skills. It is also one of the best ways to grow your network. And with so much of what we do reliant on networks, it is important to make […]

Launching your post PhD career

PhDs are a lot like weddings. We spend forever worrying about this one event, but the real challenge is the lifetime that comes afterwards. So, if you’re interested in planning for what happens after you graduate your PhD come along to this on-line workshop. I’ll talk about career planning and job search strategies. There’ll also […]

Twelve Questions to Consider When Changing PhD Topic

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to changing your PhD topic. But there are some things you can consider. Here I ask 12 questions to help you move through the process. And if you’re into scoring, you could rate each one to help you decide what to do next. Transcript: At […]

You Don’t Need Another Qualification

You should be earning or learning – but not all learning has to be the same. They don’t need to be formal qualifications. Experience is a way of learning. Learning through doing is a way to learn. And, not everyone cares about that “certificate” either. Transcript: As part of COVID-19, I said to a lot […]

Should I finish My PhD and Other Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself

There are many reasons to do a PhD. But few reasons to discontinue, intermit or leave a PhD (or academia). Beyond why you might leave, you should also consider what you should do on the way out. Here are some suggestions. Transcript: For many of you, COVID-19 might have forced a reconsideration of what your career […]

Four Tips for Writing a Better Resume

What does the data say about writing a resume? Lots of things. Including: Layout matters Highlight your achievements Experience before education Transcript: Writing a better resume is a really important thing if you want to stand out from the crowd. So, although we talk about the majority of jobs being filled through word of mouth, the […]