Eight Things to Do to Leverage Your Next Conference Presentation

I think researchers do not do enough to make the most of their invited, and peer reviewed presentations. Both oral, and posters. So, in this podcast, I give you 8 tips to help you get more engagement from your conference presentations. Transcript: Hi there! This week’s vlog is all about making the most of your […]

COVID-19 Driving Me Crazy, So Meeting with Subscribers, Friends, and Followers

Covid-19 is driving me a bit crazy. So I’m reaching out to you – my friends and followers on the internet- saying “let’s meet”. You set the agenda. But it could be anything. Work. Soccer. Beer brewing. Drums. Gardening. Cooking. Religion. Politics. Money. Mental Health. Reply, DM, email, call or SMS. I’ll sort the rest. […]

Having Tough Conversations with Your Supervisor

No matter how well your PhD progresses, no matter how good a relationship you (think you) have with your supervisor(s), at some point there‚Äôll be a need for a tough conversation. It could be about publication authorship. It could be about experimental design. It could be about grant writing, or thesis submission or leaving academia. […]