Six Steps to Building Your Website

Building a website is easy - but there's lots that might confuse so... In six steps:

1. Choose a domain name (your name is easiest).

2. Register with an all-in-one provider (they'll register the name, host the website and provide a content management system).

3. Decide on what you will cover/focus on. Just research? Or teaching and other stuff as well?

4. Create the content.

5. Publish it!

6. Promote it (in your email signature, university web page, and on your business card).


Six steps towards building your website as a researcher. Hi I'm Richard Huysmans. I help researchers make the most of their PhD, and their training.

The first thing you need to do to build a website is decide on your domain name. I recommend your name dot com or a version thereof. It's the easiest thing to do. It'll make it easy to find you, there won't be a lot of decisions you have to make, and most likely it'll be cheap.

The next thing you do need to do is select a place to host or manage your website. Again, the easiest thing to do is to choose an all-in-one option. To me that's something like Squarespace or Wix. They'll do everything for you. It's really easy to do a lot of the stuff that they talk about is drag-and-drop. So, you can have a really pretty looking site without much effort, and at relatively low cost.

Once you've done that, the next thing is to choose your layout. All those websites have default layouts that make it really easy to go with. Again, I wouldn't spend a heap of time trying to work out what the best layout is. I would have a go, and then refine it thereafter. The easiest one is a continuous scroll page.

The next thing is to populate with your information or at least have your contact details as well as a summary statement about you. Other things you could include cover research, education, teaching, personal life. Some of the other things you might be interested in from hobbies perspective but definitely summary statement, and how to get in touch with you.

Finally, make sure you push publish on that website. Don't be scared that people are going to see it and might comment on it. If they do, it means that the website is working so you've got to be out there to get found.

Finally, make sure all of your contact details are updated on other platforms. So, for example social media make sure it's got your website. Your university page makes all that has your website and away you go.

Have fun making your own website.