Routine or Superstition

Routines and their negative counterparts – superstitions – are common in most forms of life and work. Routines help you by shifting our mental state into one of relaxed concentration. Superstitions can hold you back by making you believe success cannot happen with(out) them. Could you be making better use of routine in your research work or writing?


Hey there rockstars, writers, and bakers! Another video here. Just a quick one about routine, and superstition. I was listening to a podcast called Against the Rules. It’s pretty good podcast. If you’re interested in the role of coaches, and referees in not just sport but in life and society, I encourage you to go and have a listen.

There are 2 seasons: The 1st season is about referees; the 2nd season is about coaches. And there’s some really good episodes in the referee series about bias, and unconscious bias. And it was it’s really interesting how in that episode when the unconscious bias was made conscious that the bias could actually be removed but that’s the fishman of the color. Go and check it out but today, it’s all about routines and superstitions.

So, what’s the difference between a routine, and a superstition? Well, there’s a lot of information out on the internet about that and I tend to agree with the idea that a routine helps you prepare for success. Whereas a superstition is something that you believe can’t happen or can only happen in order for you to be successful or perhaps negatively impact your success. But I think in research, we can have a bit of birth and I think one of the things that we don’t do enough of is have routines, and routines can help us get in the mood or the mindset to be successful. So, we think about things that we might do all the time like grant writing or journal article writing. We don’t have enough routines around those things, but data collection is probably an area that we need to have more routines around, and then superstitions there’s probably some people out there that you know, only conduct certain experiments on a particular day of the week. Because that’s when they’re successful and you know is that routine or is that superstition. And there’s probably going to be superstition. So you know, how do you submit grants? Who get who do you get to review grants? Are those routines or superstitions? And how can you get yourself into a state of relaxed concentration is what they call being in a flow state is, and that’s what you want your routine to do to get you into a state of relaxed concentration. So, I’d encourage you to have a look at what it is that you do on a daily basis, and are those things based around routine and getting you into a flow state. Or are they superstitions, and are they holding you back? Or are they things that you feel like you can’t get by without? and I guess you challenge your superstitions.

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