Centres & Institutes

Is your research group awesome?

Do you want to take your work to the next level?

But, not sure how to turn your research group into a centre or institute?

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Back in the old days, researchers would form a new centre or institute as a way of improving positioning. The process was as simple as renaming your group as “the centre or institute of [your favourite topic]”. You might change the word order a bit. So you can have a nice acronym.

However, those days are well passed.

Universities want institutes and centres to be based on track record or evidence of success. Most have a process, system or structure they want you to follow.

Funding agencies don’t just hand out these grants and titles either.

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There’s a whole process involved. Not just in writing the grant or proposal, but in identifying and setting the right metrics. Attracting the right researchers. Building the overall case for establishment.

Then you have to make it all happen. The teaching. The research. The strategy. The higher degree research student training. The engagement with external partners and parties. The strategy. The culture.

The good news – I’ve done all of this before. In fact, I’ve been involved in the establishment of over a dozen centres and institutes across Australia. All of which have been successful. Successful in being established. Successful in attracting funding. successful in attracting the right researchers, teachers and students.

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