Writing Your Thesis in 15 Weeks


WYTI15W – a 15 week program to get your thesis written and submitted.

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A 15-week program aimed at:

  • Setting you up for writing success (think grants and journal articles, not just your thesis)
  • Knowing why you do (or don’t like to write)
  • Doing something about your writing “issues”
  • Progress tracking
  • Content review

The intensive will give you:

  • someone to keep you on track
  • a kick up the arse if/when you fall behind
  • peers to share the process and experience with
  • A real (or virtual) celebratory drink

You’ll have a group to work with, as well as me.

What you’ll bring:

  • a positive attitude; and
  • a sound work ethic.

You can enroll anytime and complete 15 continuous weeks.

If you want to start at the “beginning” then the next week 1 is on 30 Aug 2021. Each meeting is on a Monday from 2pm to 3pm via zoom.


What is covered?

Each week (Mondays from 2pm to 3pm via zoom), we do a check-in, there’s a “lesson” and then open discussion/review of your PhD. 

Lesson topics vary, but you can expect:

  • Setting up – how your writing station looks, feels, behaves. Your plan and process from where you are now to where you want to be in 15 weeks (i.e. submission)
  • What is your argument? – the main point in your thesis.
  • Writing your abstract – a tool we can use to help set the scope/boundary of your thesis.
  • Thesis Structure – sections. headings. order.
  • Using Microsoft suite to write your thesis – some of the tips and tricks that will make writing and collating easier.
  • How others write – building your writing skill set by using others’.
  • Building resilience as a researcher – knowing you’ll face challenges, we create a plan for responding.
  • Seven Slide Presentation – kind of like a three minute thesis, but longer.
  • Refining your citations – have you covered the key researchers? Are you biased?
  • Submitting your thesis – what’s required to submit.
  • Having tough conversations with your supervisor – about your thesis, or your career, or both.
  • Talking to your supervisor about your thesis (Managing up) – how to get them to review your thesis as and when you want.
  • Staying focused on your PhD – sometimes it is easy to find distractions. We look at ways you can avoid these problems.
  • Reviewing your thesis drafts – reviewing a thesis is tough. And, let’s be honest, a bit boring. So, we look at who you can get to help. And how you can make it easier for them (and therefore easier for you).
  • What happens after you submit? – looking for work. Planning your next steps and making them happen.

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