Resume writing




A good resume won’t get you a job, but a bad resume will prevent you from being interviewed.

Think about it. Your resume is in a pile with 10 – 100 others. Each resume is at least 2 pages, some are 5, a few are 10. What’s easy to review? What’s hard to review? What would you like to read? 10 pages? Or 2? A long list of publications, or a quick summary that says why this publication is your best work?

If you’re thinking – Gee! My resume is long. Gee! I’d include the whole list of publications! – and you’re wanting to make it shorter, or make it punchier or increase it’s relevance to your hiring manager, attend this training.

In half a day, we’ll build your resume from scratch. As well as cover a process to build a resume for each job you apply for.

What to expect

  • 4 hours a group of up to 20 people.
  • Tuesday 28 Jun 1 pm to 5 pm (Melb, Aus Time) (check my timezone)
  • Via zoom, which allows recording and play back later for those who register in advance.
  • Writing your resume
    • what is in
    • what is out
    • what is optional
    • a process to tailor your resume to a job
    • language
    • layout
    • design


  • 4 hours for the workshop.
  • $99 (AUD inc GST) up front via EFT or credit or paypal.

What you’ll need

  • Sound work ethic
  • Computer, internet connection, camera and mic
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to work with me and others in the group
  • Willingness to share your career thoughts, experiences and aspirations

When does it run?