Leaving academia – WW2022


Leaving academia – a 45 min workshop held on 2 Feb from 12:30


Academia isn’t for everyone. Yet, the academia can make some people feel like doing a PhD = staying in academia for ever.

And, for others, leaving the academy is a last resort. Through no fault of yours, an ongoing academia career is not possible.

And, other still, have different reasons for leaving.

At the very least, the data says most MUST leave. Each year, about 5,000 students graduate, but the number of academic positions only grows by 1,200!

In this workshop, I’ll go through a process you can use to exit academia gracefully. I’ll show some data about leaving (and the possibilities of return). I’ll also present some information about why people leave, why they stay and why some come back (but how most declare themselves better off having left).


  • Wednesday 2 Feb 2022
  • 12:30 – 13:45 (Melb, Aus time) (check my timezone)
  • It’ll also be recorded and sent to all registrants (but not shared on the public web)


  • Zoom (you’ll get the details via email)

Who should attend

  • People who want to leave academia, at any level (PhD students, ECRs, established academia)
  • PhD students considering their career options
  • ECRs planning their future
  • Supervisors, looking to help their students beyond telling them to stay in academia
  • Graduate School Heads/Co-ordinators, looking to better support the students in their care