Editing your own thesis – WW2022


Editing your own thesis – a 45 minute workshop on 10 Aug 2022, from 1230pm.


One of the things you will quickly learn when it comes to thesis writing – being able to self edit is HUGELY beneficial. But not everyone can do it. Until now.

Firstly, I should say the writing process has two parts. First, getting content onto the page. Second, molding that content into something that looks like the final version. Lots of people will tell you they edit as they write. They don’t. Just look at the first version versus the final version. Totally different.

So, how do you self-edit? How can you edit your own thesis? Attend this workshop and you’ll find out. We can even practice on your REAL thesis.


  • Wednesday 10 Aug 2022
  • 12:30 – 13:45 (Melb, Aus time) (check my timezone)
  • It’ll also be recorded and sent to all registrants (but not shared on the public web)


  • Zoom (you’ll get the details via email)

Who should attend

  • PhD students at any stage, but the later the better
  • Anyone supervising a PhD student, – you can pass the advice on
  • Anyone writing a grant, book, chapter or a paper – these tips work for those writing tasks too!