Building your resilience


Building your resilience – a practical guide to improving how you deal with research setbacks.



Being “resilient” has become a buzz word of late. But the idea has been around for ever. Namely, the ability to bounce back or recover from set backs.

In the past, building resilience seemed to focus on making things hard, so that in adversity, you built strength. But, there are more contemporary approaches to building and maintaining your resilience. Approaches that fit with a larger range of people and lifestyles. Approaches that you can eagerly share and apply with others, rather than think “i’d never do that to my supervisor/student”.

And we’ll take a closer look at them in this training.

What to expect

  • 4 hours a group of up to 20 people.
  • Tuesday 26 Jul 1 pm to 5 pm (Melb, Aus Time) (check my timezone)
  • Via zoom, which allows recording and play back later for those who register in advance.
  • Building your resilience will cover:
    • what has worked for me
    • What I have seen others try (successfully and unsuccessfully)
    • evidence-based approaches
    • setting up a sustainable “resilience” plan


  • 4 hours for the workshop.
  • $99 (AUD inc GST) up front via EFT or credit or paypal.

What you’ll need

  • Sound work ethic
  • Computer, internet connection, camera and mic
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to work with me and others in the group
  • Willingness to share your career thoughts, experiences and aspirations

When does it run?