Do I Still See Myself as A Researcher?

I’ll always think of myself as a researcher. The research skills I learned in my PhD I apply daily as a consultant. So, no matter what I do beyond my PhD I’ll still think of myself as a researcher. Indeed, I’d say anyone who has done a PhD could still think of themselves as a researcher beyond their PhD.

Suit Coat or Lab Coat

Knowing what you want to do – at any stage in life – is hard. In this video I talk about how I made the decision to switch from an academic career to a non-academic career. I also cover some of the things that made it possible/easier both as a PhD student, as well as earlier in life.

Who Am I

Dr. Richard Huysmans introduces himself in this short video. Where he talks about being on Twitter (@ricahrdhuysmans), Instagram (@drrichardhuysmans), and LinkedIn. Not to mention the website