How Running Builds My Resilience at Work

There are anecdotal and published links between running very long distances (ultra-marathons) and various psychological measures of resilience. I can definitely relate to aspects of these reports. The idea of reaching and pushing through physical barriers. Barriers of pain or exhaustion. Barriers of distance or time. Barriers of motivation or inspiration. These concepts all resonate with me, and how endurance running builds my resilience.


Good day there, bakers, writer, and rock stars! Today’s vlog is all about how running has increased my resilience at work. In fact, there are 4 ways that running has increased my resilience at work.

The first is it reaffirms my mental strength. So, it gives me the idea. It reaffirms to me that I’m able to push through difficult physical barriers. Different mental barriers to get through and run long distances or run for a long amount of time. Long in my instance is about 60 minutes. Definitely provides a sense of accomplishment. At the end of doing these endurance runs I feel like I’ve done something good for myself. I feel like I’ve accomplished something even though I’m running a circuit. I haven’t gone anywhere but I’ve been running for an hour. That’s okay with me but the sense of accomplishment is really great. Particularly when I get the run done in the morning. It makes me feel like I’ve done something positive for myself for the day, and it makes it really easy to continue the day on. And even if I end up running later in the evening, it still puts a nice exclamation point at the end of the day to say, “Great work today Richard!”.

One of the other things that running has taught me endurance running in particular is that being in the mood is irrelevant to success. So, I know that I can wake up and think I really don’t want to go for a run, but I put my gear on anyway and go for a run. I do a really good time or get a really good distance and I go, “Wow, I didn’t care” and look at the time I got.

There are other times when I am really keen and I’m trying to push myself, and I look at the time and it’s a rubbish time or it’s a poor distance. So, it truly taught me that being in the mood is irrelevant to success. And certainly, definitely irrelevant to starting which I think is useful for generally making progress in life.

Finally, running has taught me how to overcome adversity. It made me realize as a friend of mine put it that there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes that you can run in any weather. Whether it’s hot. Whether it’s cold. It’s all about how you prepare rather than whether it’s raining or sunny outside. Again, it’s all about whether you make excuses or not. You know, I’ve got the kids so I can’t run. Or the kids aren’t up to running or don’t want to run. Those are all things that you need to overcome in order to do an endurance run.

So, those are some of the things that I focus on in terms of running and increasing my resilience. I’d love to know how running has impacted your life.