Have Empathy for Yourself

COVID-19 is throwing everything into chaos. And, there are lots of articles and videos focused on being productive in spite of all that. I've written and published my share.

BUT - it is okay to have an off day, week or month. So, have empathy for yourself. Getting through is enough. You'll have time on the other side of this to get productive.


With COVID-19, well and truly honest, and everyone focused on working from home or some version of that, there's lots of articles around being productive working from home. But I guess and I'm not necessarily guilty, that's not the right word I want to use but I've done that as well. But I think, what's missing from all of this is empathy for yourself, and empathy for the situation. This is highly unusual, you know, this is in some cases not even a 1 in a 100-year event that we're going through.

So, the expectation that you'll continue to be as productive as happy. As collected as calm as you might be if everything was how it always was. I think that's totally unrealistic. So, although lots of people are out there producing how to be productive or to do this while you're at home or to get this done while you're at home, it's ok to lose your sh*t. It's ok to in the middle of a videoconference have to yell at the dog or heaven forbid, even yell at your kids to just pipe down while you get this video conference done. It's ok to show up wearing what might not be your best outfit for the day. It's ok to come to a meeting or show up a bit disheveled.

These extraordinary times, these are extraordinary situations that we find ourselves in, so have a bit of kindness, and empathy for yourself. I think well, you'll find it's a lot easier to be productive in the context of having empathy for yourself than constantly thinking about the work you haven't done or the stuff you didn't do. Or the stuff you should have said but didn't. Or the stuff you said that you shouldn't have.

Yeah! Have empathy. Thanks.