Free Wednesday Workshops

Every Wednesday from 1230 to 1315 (Melbourne, Australia Time), I run a free workshop on various topics aimed at PhD students, ECRs and established researchers.

What others have said…

I wish to thank you for the online Word course I attended earlier which was very informative.  There were key points that I was not aware of- even after years of using word.PhD Student, University of Western Sydney
I liked being able to tune into your workshop on One Page Project Management Thank you for the workshop, which I found useful.Dr Louisa Selvadurai, Teaching Associate, Monash University
Thank you so much for an amazing workshop (on Leveraging your conference presentation for career success) , i enjoyed it immensely.Rouba, PhD Student
I got a lot from your seminar [on using MS Word to write your thesis] and will definitely encourage colleagues to engage with your content in the futureConnor Jolley
Thank you for an interactive and informative online workshop last week [on Leveraging your conference presentation for career success], it was great to attend.Dr Oana Tatucu, Research Assistant, Monash University
I attended your talk on using Instagram for research and found it very beneficialMohamed Fadhil, PhD student
“Thanks for running the online workshops as well. I have signed up to a number of them. I have appreciated that they are short and to the point, with many practical ideas and food for thoughtFievel Tong, PhD Student, University of Technology Sydney
Your Instagram for researchers lecture was great, very informative.Dr Stefan Lie