Four Things That Got Me Here

Four things that got me out of my academic career and onto the path of an entrepreneur. From mentors, to networks,, to work experience, to empathy with academics. Oh, not to mention a barking dog and car trying to start...

Four things that got me where I am today. I guess the first thing to really know is that my PhD gave me the experience doing research. The credibility with researchers to some extent. I know about the life of an academic. I obviously haven't been a fully fledged academic but I do have some limited experience with it. 
The next thing that's got me where I am today are mentors. They've shown me what to do. They've directed me. Sometimes they've shoved or push me towards my goals they've provided me with opportunities, and sometimes warned against others.
Placements or work experience are the next thing. They've helped me understand what did, and didn't work. As well as what I did like. As a university student, and as a PhD student, and an employee knowing what you don't like is just as important as what you do like. I'm a firm believer in learning through doing. The only way to experience a career or a job is to go out and do it. So I think we sometimes prevent ourselves or stop ourselves from doing something because we think we won't like it rather than  giving it a go. 
The fourth thing has been my network, and my personal as well as work networks. So obviously everyone on LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., really helped me along the way but also my sport networks. I've played a lot of soccer. They've helped me bounce ideas. Make new decisions take opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise considered.