Four Apps That I Use

Four apps that I use to help me run my practice. Gmail (but maybe moving to Outlook). Hubspot for managing customers, clients and collaborators. ASANA to manage projects, and tasks. Evernote for taking notes and capturing business card details.


What are some of the apps that I use to help me run my practice?

The most common one that I will use would be Gmail. My mail application. To be honest I'm thinking of switching over from Gmail to Outlook and I'll let you know how that goes in another post.

Another app that I use a lot is HubSpot. Which is my CRM. My customer relationship management tool. As a researcher, I think that if you don't have one of those, a CRM you should definitely get one. It'll help you manage and maintain your collaborations more effectively. Essentially it keeps track of who you've emailed and when you're being mailed. And you can log meetings and phone calls and things in there as well and then from my perspective that allows me to follow up with people you know when you say let's follow up in a month or six weeks or whatever time frame it might be your CRM is a key part of making that happen you can use other tools to help you remember those things reminders on the iPhone is an easy way to do it. There are tasks that you use too. Scheduled as well in Gmail. But I find a dedicated customer relationship management tool is far easier way of maintaining a good watching brief on on the people that I work with and my collaborators.

The other tool that I use a lot is ASANA or A-SAN-A. it's called a project management tool. And again I primarily use that to manage tasks rather than projects per se. I don't find it overly useful for managing projects it just adds another layer of things to do rather than helping me get through projects. But it is very useful at tracking allocated and delegating tasks to other people that I work with, whether they be staff that I have or collaborators that I have.

And the final app that I use that I think is quite useful is Evernote. And I use that a lot for keeping clips of different things. So stories that I want to read or research articles that I think might be useful to myself. It's really good for that. But what I have found very useful, particularly as a person who collects and not in the card collecting sense but collects a lot of business cards. Maintaining those and uploading those into my CRM or into my contact list can get a bit tedious and Evernote for the paid service has a really great way of converting that information directly into the right fields in the right places for my contact list.

So there are four apps that I use quite regularly. Obviously social media I'm big on that. So I'm using you know Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn apps on my phone as well. But other than that email, Evernote, CRM, and a project management tool are the four apps that I use.