Elite athletes have coaches.

So do musicians.

And artists.

Not to mention those people aspiring to be great musicians, artists or athletes.

Yet, elite thinkers (academics) and elite thinkers in training (PhD students)
are not privy to the advantages of coaching.

However, this could all be about to change for you!

PhD students

Because a PhD was not meant to be this hard, this emotional, this taxing. Yet, undertaking a PhD is challenging, fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and inspiring – all in one day! Richard works with small groups of PhD students who are keen to develop and grow beyond their PhD.

Established Researchers

You’ve joined the 1% of PhD graduates who become Professors but now what? What will be your legacy? How can you make that happen? Dr Huysmans helps established researchers answer these questions and more.

Transition from Academia

With one in one-hundred PhD graduates staying in academia, the transition out is common. Yet, the only advice we tend to get is from academics who are still in academia. Dr Richard Huysmans works with individuals (at any stage of their career) to identify transferable skills and job opportunities to smoothly transition from academia.

Early Career Researchers

You joined for the challenge and have stayed for the experience. But now what? 50% of your PhD colleagues have left. What about you? Richard works with ECRs to help them answer the question what next? and then make it happen.

So much of the PhD is “learn on the job”. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By joining a group coaching program, you can learn and progress with other PhD students. Find out what is “normal” what is “acceptable” and how to improve your PhD.

You’ve been in the game for a while. You’ve won your fare share of grants – maybe more. You’ve published a few papers. You’ve stayed in academia when your peers left.
There’s something missing. You’re not sure what.
Maybe it is taking your research to that next level – becoming fully independent?
If you’d like to work with Richard, to he’d love to hear more about you.

Leaving academia is one of the hardest decisions to make and subsequent actions to take. Unlike many other careers, academic research draws people in for reasons of passion, purpose and feeling. Yet, success is measured in grants and publications. You can be an awesome researcher, but not great at grant writing or not great at English (most journals are written in English) and your career will suffer.

50% of people doing a PhD in Australia DON’T WANT an academic career. And indeed, (internationally) the data show they pretty much leave academia upon graduation.


If you WANT an academic career what can you do? How can you increase your chance of success?

What’s involved in coaching?

Well, Richard runs three programs:

Groups – operating for 12 months with between 10 and 20 people. Everyone has their own goals. We meet monthly as a group via Zoom. Each month we discuss your goals and progress towards them. There are also 3 one-on-one sessions with me. In those sessions we set and track your individual progress. <- this is the most popular for PhD students. Especially in their 3rd year. It is cost effective and impactful.

Three months 1:1 – as the name suggests. It goes for 3 months. It is 1:1. So just you and Richard. You meet fortnightly. There are tasks each fortnight as well as other stuff you might set yourself. Dr Huysmans keeps you accountable to your own goals and progress. Together, we’ll set a high-level goal for you, as well as more immediate things to achieve. Sessions are via Zoom, and are recorded. You can review and revisit as you see fit.

Six months 1:1 – also just like the name suggests. And much like the 3 month coaching, meetings are fortnightly. Recorded. You’ll be held to account. We’ll set high-level goals. And weekly tasks.

And, of course, you could just book an ad hoc session or series of sessions.

Prefer Richard to contact you? No problem. Fill your details in below, and he’ll get in touch in a day or two