Making Most of Your Conference Presentation (Aug 2021)

Although COVID changed the way we conference, presenting at an in-person, virtual or mixed conference is still one of the best ways to grow your research skills. It is also one of the best ways to grow your network. And with so much of what we do reliant on networks, it is important to make […]

Metrics for Measuring Research Outputs

There are many metrics that researchers and associated administrator use to measure and report success. Here are 6 that might be useful for you: Impact Factor – average citation count per article per journal over a rolling 2-year period. Citation count – absolute number of citations for an individual article. H-index – maximum number of […]

Five Conferences You Should Be Attending During Your PhD and Why

Five conferences you should attend during your PhD: Leading international conference in your field – to get to know the experts. Leading national conference in your field – to find local experts. Local special interest group – to solve your specific programs. University conference – to know you are not alone. Leading local industry conference […]

Launching Your Post PhD Career

PhDs are a lot like weddings. We spend forever worrying about this one event, but the real challenge is the lifetime that comes afterwards. So, if you’re interested in planning for what happens after you graduate your PhD come along to this recorded workshop. I talked about career planning and job search strategies. There were […]

Reporting Your Success

It is great to measure yourself. But the next step towards improvement is to report. I don’t think it matters who or where you report to. It could be a friend, colleague, partner, family member, staff member or the public. But it is important to report. It creates an accountability framework. It also ensures that […]

How Are You Measuring Your Success?

One of the most important things we can do to help others positively assess our work and progress is to collect data and report on our success. But not all measures are equal. Furthermore, some measures can be collected without our knowledge or input. So, if you want to manage your reputation, the first thing […]

Instagram for Researchers (July 2021)

Instagram is the perfect tool for people who produce good looking images. And, if you ask me, researchers (academics) produce heaps of images. Images in the form of figures for papers and presentations. And these images could also be used on Instagram. If that’s something you’d like to know more about. Or perhaps you want […]