What’s the Easiest PhD?

Six tips for an easy PhD: Have a good research question. Use known research tools. Have accessible data and/or samples. Build your analytical skills. Be skilled at word processing. Stop scope creep. Transcript: If you’re thinking about doing a PhD and want to do an easy one, I don’t think there is a good answer […]

How I Build My Endurance Muscle

A PhD is probably the longest single project one individual is continuously responsible for. Thus, building your endurance muscle is important for PhD success. Three things that have helped me build my endurance muscle are: Running long distances – I learnt to make and implement a plan to get better. Meditation – I learnt to […]

How I Apply the Run-Walk-Run Strategy to Work

There are lots of things we can learn from other people and other disciplines and sectors. Me, I’ve taken the run-walk-run strategy and applied it to work. Yep – that’s the pomodoro technique. Followed the timer STRICTLY. I learnt: The app matters. My endurance increased. My satisfaction increased. Stop-start was initially difficult but now easy. […]

How Running Builds My Resilience at Work

There are anecdotal and published links between running very long distances (ultra-marathons) and various psychological measures of resilience. I can definitely relate to aspects of these reports. The idea of reaching and pushing through physical barriers. Barriers of pain or exhaustion. Barriers of distance or time. Barriers of motivation or inspiration. These concepts all resonate […]

Metrics for Measuring Research Outputs

There are many metrics that researchers and associated administrator use to measure and report success. Here are 6 that might be useful for you: Impact Factor – average citation count per article per journal over a rolling 2-year period Citation count – absolute number of citations for an individual article. H-index – maximum number of […]

Five Conferences You Should Be Attending During Your PhD and Why

Five conferences you should attend during your PhD: Leading international conference in your field – to get to know the experts. Leading national conference in your field – to find local experts. Local special interest group – to solve your specific programs. University conference – to know you are not alone. Leading local industry conference […]

Reporting Your Success

It is great to measure yourself. But the next step towards improvement is to report. I don’t think it matters who or where you report to. It could be a friend, colleague, partner, family member, staff member or the public. But it is important to report. It creates an accountability framework. It also ensures that […]

How Are You Measuring Your Success?

One of the most important things we can do to help others positively assess our work and progress is to collect data and report on our success. But not all measures are equal. Furthermore, some measures can be collected without our knowledge or input. So, if you want to manage your reputation, the first thing […]