Career Coaching

PhD Students

Because a PhD was not meant to be this hard, this emotional, this taxing. Yet, undertaking a PhD is challenging, fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and inspiring - all in one day! I work with small groups of PhD students who are keen to develop and grow beyond their PhD.

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Early Career Researchers

You joined for the challenge and have stayed for the experience. But now what? 50% of your PhD colleague have left. What about you? I work with ECRs to help them answer the question what next? and then make it happen.

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Established Researchers

You've joined the 1% of PhD graduates who become Professors but now what? What will be your legacy? How can you make that happen? I help established researchers answer these questions and more.

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Transition form Academia

With one in one-hundred PhD graduates staying in academia, the transition out is common. Yet, the only advice we tend to get is from academics who are still in academia. I work with individuals (at any stage of their career) to identify transferable skills and job opportunities to smoothly transition from academia.

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If you would like to find out more, call Richard (+61 412 606 178) or James (+61 3 9005 7158) to arrange a chat or book in.

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