How to Make Marginal Gains in Your Research

Marginal gains are small improvements that have the opportunity to compound. They were made famous by the British Cycling Team that competed (and won lots of gold medals) at the 2008 Olympics. But the idea has been around for much longer than that. In some respects it’s the automation and mechanisation of repetitive processes. And, […]

How to Read More Articles

A key part of academic life is reading – reading all of the necessary research literature. Now, you could never hope to read it all. But you could improve your reading through marginal gains. Making changes that result in small improvements that compound. Read daily. Queue your reading. Read on devices, not just computer or […]

Six Tips to Become a Better PhD Supervisor

Six tips to being a better PhD supervisor:  1. Do the training.  2. Know your students.  3. Respect their time.  4. Refer to others.  5. Model good behaviour.  6. Make progress visible. Transcript: There’s been a lot of talk, and a lot of information lately about how to be a better student but I don’t […]

When You’re a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

Being an academic and/or training to be one (e.g. PhD student) means that you view a lot of your skills and experiences in that light. However, if you ask others’ for their ideas you’ll find your skills are transferable. So, if you’re an academic (hammer) you’ll see everything as an academic skill (a nail). So, […]

Building High-Performing Research Team

What’s a high-performing research team I hear you ask? I’d like to know too! But, until then we can look to examples like performing art or motorsport. In this workshop, We’ll look at how those teams operate and some of the lessons we can take into our research teams.