What to Do to Set Up An Industry-Focused PhD Program From Scratch

In an earlier blog I wrote about the important parts of a CRC PhD Program. Some of you might be reading this and in the process of applying for or setting up a newly awarded centre or institute. Bearing that information in mind, when designing or implementing a supplementary or industry-focused PhD program consider the […]

How to Identify Industries That Could Employ You

Start with the transferable skills you identify yourself as having. Then combine that with the area you did your PhD in. In both cases you might need to increase the level of abstraction. So, if your transferable skill is technical writing, maybe think about it as writing more broadly. If your PhD is in biochemistry, […]

How to Identify Transferable Skills

When looking to change industries or careers, it can be hard to know what skills you have that other industries are interested in. That can make choosing a new sector, industry or job difficult. Identifying transferable skills is difficult. We can often see them in other people, but rarely in ourselves. Here are different approaches […]