Strategic planning – 2022

Description Strategic planning essentially puts plans into context. It takes into account what we know about the world and how it could grow, change or update. If you like the idea of that, but are not sure how you can collect that information, then attend this training session! We’ll get hands on to create your […]

Planning your PhD

Description Planning your PhD – many people will say it is a waste. Those people never look at their plans again. Instead, make the plan. Refer to the plan. Change the plan. And, if you’re interested in a slightly different approach to planning (and therefore implementation) come along to this workshop where I’ll describe my […]

Career Planning

Have you ever sat down and planned out your career? You know, listed what you want. When. Then worked out how? If yes – cool – you don’t need to attend. If no, register to attend this FREE Tuesday Talk all about career planning.

Strategic Planning

Planning is useful, but plans are useless – I am sure you have heard that saying (President Eisenhower). I think the strategic part of planning is useful (not plain planning). And I also think strategic plans are a little bit better than useless. If you’d like to know more (e.g. what a strategic plan is, […]

Strategic Planning

COVID has taught us so much. Including the value of a good plan. And the value of getting rid of old plans when they no longer suit us. One planning technique often named, but rarely implemented well is the strategic plan. If you’ve often wondered what’s the difference between a plan and a strategy. Or […]