Career Coaching

Are you a PhD student or academic? Do you want to know what’s next or what else is possible?

Research Strategy

I help academic institutions and their staff be commercially smart about the application and implementation of their research ideas.

Student & ECR Conferences

I’m an inspiring and engaging speaker (well my mum thinks so) who is passionate about making the most of your training beyond your PhD.

Free Wednesday Workshops

Every Wednesday from 1230 to 1315 (Melbourne, Australia Time), I run a free workshop on various topics aimed at PhD students, ECRs and established researchers.



  • Previously I wrote about measuring your success. And the next obvious step after measuring is to report (or at the very least note down or record). Hopefully, you have spent a little bit of time – not heaps, but not none – investigating what success means to you, and how you can measure it.
  • There are lots of ways to measure academic success: Publications Presentations Supervision Grants Patents


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